Fractional, Transition and Interim Human Resource Leadership

CHRO Solutions

Develop and implement People Strategies

CHRO solutions can help to develop and launch your strategic initiatives

Mass Staffing Plans

CHRO Solutions can work with you team to develop staffing and onboarding programs

Cost reductions

CHRO Solutions can help you build a cost reduction strategy for your organization, build and test reduction models, support implantation and employee separations if required.

Access to our HR toolbox

Access to our extensive HR toolbox: Policies, forms, separation packages, communications decks, town hall templates, employee surveys, compensation matrixes, etc

Succession Planning

CHRO Solutions can come in and evaluate your key roles, key employees and build succession and development plans. Ensure you have your best talent in your most critical roles

Employee Engagment

CHRO Solutions can do a detailed culture audit and build action plans for making improvements. We can also support town hall meetings and build employee communications channels


Are you a smaller company in need of a solid Human Resources backbone?

Are you a larger company fortunate enough to have not had to deal with the challenges of today’s market?

Are you a growing company finding yourself suddenly in need of an HR Leader but not sure how to navigate this new landscape?

CHRO Solutions can provide the expertise needed to perform as YOUR Chief HR Officer without you having to go through the trials and tribulations (not to mention cost) associated with hiring your own. I can assess and assist with your HR needs on an Interim basis to get through this challenging time, on a part-time basis to get your team on a rejuvenated path or ongoing, as long as you see fit, as your own personal People consultant.

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  • Organizational & management structure
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Sales & Executive Compensation
  • Talent Management
  • Talent Development
  • Performance management
  • Succession planning
  • Transformation
  • Turn arounds
  • Strategy & Execution
  • Develop Mission, Vision and Goals
  • Preparation for M&A
  • Development of strategic and tactical plans
  • Draft Business Plans
  • Creation of Compensation plans
  • Management of Human Resource Teams
  • Support interviewing HR candidates
  • HR Leadership Transition Support
  • Benefit design, implementation and support
  • Open Enrollment Support