Eric Torigian


I’m an accomplished, driven, strategic, global HR executive and chief people officer recognized as a highly effective business leader. I have 20+ years of global experience driving organizational performance through strategic HR leadership and counsel.

My driving passion as an coach is to help individuals leverage their strengths and empower them to live their best possible life!

I love a challenge and am always willing to roll up my sleeves to get the job done!


Why do I need a coach

Would you try to fly an airplane without first getting some instruction and coaching?   Would  you try and play a sport without guidance and coaching?

Probably not and that is why you need a career coach.   A coach is different from a mentor.  A coach is by your side, helps you prepare and practice and is that honest voice in your head.

Why you?

Over my career in HR, I have seen many separations, been part of many terminations and part of a lot of hiring.   I understand the process and can help guide you through.   I have helped so many people identify what they want and guided them along the journey to get it done.

In 2020 and beyond, we all need to reconsider what a mentor is and what they do for us. I like to coach my clients to identify a board of directors. You need people who will give you honest advice on finance, taxes, relationships, and your career.

- Eric
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