7 Things You Should Do At the End Of Every Work Day To Maximize Your Career

7 Things You Should Do At The End Of Every Work Day
The king of all productivity tips is to use one calendar and one master task list. I coach people to not only use these tools everyday but to also integrate their long term mission, vision and goals. I encourage you to look at my content on these topics and to get your productivity system up and running as soon as possible. This post however, is about closing your day. Far too often we are in a rush to close out our day and get away from the office. This creates a very real problem for a majority of people. Most people do not have a clear map for where they are headed and do not understand how the days victories impact that journey. If you do these 7 things at the end of every workday, you can leave work confident that you are working towards your goals and be more present in your non-working activities.
1. Evaluate your todo list and your I did it list

I am a fan of Todo lists. I love them and document most all of my work on one or more lists. I am also a fan of having a “DidItList”. This is where you document your victories. Take a minute and jot down things that went well, why they worked and what you were thinking while doing them. You can only build a better you by studying what you did well and repeating it.

2. Build your important item list for the next day
Create a list of the things you didn’t get to today but would like to do tomorrow. Look for items that are required by another goal, things that you just didn’t get to or things that you just don’t want to miss. Putting them on a list will seem very small right now but it will allow you to release them into the next day. You can be confident they will not be forgotten but don’t have to worry about losing them. Do this for a month and you will be amazed with how much stress you release.
3. Complete any administrative tasks
Ok, we all dread the administrative tasks but they are sometimes critical. Use the end of the day to process expense reports, complete call reports, document key meetings, etc. For most people, the end of the day comes with a little bit lower energy and creativity so the process driven nature of these tasks will fit in perfectly
4. Networking

I like to close all my days with 4 or 5 networking contacts. These are usually looking through social media contacts, reviewing who has viewed me on linkedin, who is looking for my help, etc.

This is a giving exercise. I try to find people who need some encouragement, need someone to listen to them or maybe need someone to share in the days victories.

Again, this is about creating a mindset of appreciation and a generous spirit. Do not skimp on helping others, you only hurt yourself.

5. Evaluate your Vision, Mission, Goals and calandar
The end of the day is the best time to look over your plan. What is your vision/mission. What goals do you have to deliver on the mission. Really dig deep and think about how all of this fits together. I spend time in my book on this subject and that would be a great place to start. Once you understand the big picture, make sure you have mapped it out on your calendar. When does your day start, how busy, where are openings, what is the overall plan
6. Tidy up
Be sure at the end of every day to tidy up both your work place and your loose ends. Cleaning up your physical work place will help you think about the day but it will also advantage you tomorrow. You will have a clean and clutter free space where your creativity can flourish. Cleaning up your mental space is also important. Did someone insult your today? Let it go now and move on. Did you make a mistake? Complete the learning assignment and move on. Did you have a disappointment? do the learning assignment and move on. These loose end that otherwise sit around and bother you are like old assignments siting on your desk. They are done and closed, file them and reclaim the workspace for new exciting victories.
7. Review you wins and progress
I think the most important step in the whole routine is to review all your wins. I want you to leave every business day confident in what you achieved and the steps you took towards your goals. Stop and smell the flowers, think about why you work and what your actions today enabled. Leave the day excited about not only what you did but why you did it.

In closing, by following these recommendations, you can leave the day without stress. For you to be truely successful at work, you must have the clarity and energy to do the best. A great vision, strong plan, reliable tactics and focusing on victories is the best way to get the life you deserve.

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