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Welcome to your future

I am Eric Torigian, and I provide focused coaching to help you manage your career. Are you just starting out and looking for a new role, are you trying to get the next promotion, have you been let go and don't know what to do next?

Having the career and pay check you deserve is WITHIN YOUR REACH

To become the successful senior executive that I am today, I spent almost 30 years growing inside the corporate world. I have taken the jobs other people didn't want, done the hard things that no one wanted to take on and always focused on growing into a senior leader. I have had career victories and disappointments at different points in my career. I have had people help me and yes a few try and hold me back.

I want to give you the value of my battle won skills. I have helped countless people get focused, identify what they want and then go out and get it. I am here for you no matter where your are starting and will support you all the way to your goals.

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Coaching that fits your needs

We have many options and can build a custom coaching program to fit your needs

Job search help

Resume review, email based coaching and one mock interview

Custom Coaching

Our best value! Customize your job search, build a resume that delivers results, strategies for career focused networking, exploring roles that work for you and custom interview preparation

What Just Happened

Downsized? Restructured? Need a change? This is customized coaching to help you manage the transition and find your greatest life yet
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